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With Love, Samantha

With Love, Samantha

Hi there! 

I am so grateful that you landed on this page. I wanted to dedicate a page just so you can get to know me a little.

My name is Samantha Mae, I stumbled upon the planner community in 2016 when my niece came home with a planner labeled "Erin Condren". I immediately did a Google search and came upon EC's beautiful planners as well as the entire planner community on Instagram. As a social media lover, I immediate hopped on the trend. For the first month within the community and receiving my first planner, I was spending hundreds of dollars building my sticker collection. At the time, I was an entrepreneur buying and reselling wholesale iPhone cases. One day, I said to myself, why don't I just design and sell my own planner stickers? I remember designing something on Microsoft Word and cut the stickers by hand. Yes by hand! I was still waiting for my first silhouette machine to arrive. I had started my business my freshman year of college and majoring in Accounting. My shop has grown so much. I went to my first planner event here in Hawai'i called Plannercon (Party). It was so much fun, and I then started to plan for my first planner event + traveling for my business for the main Plannercon in March in San Francisco. I have worked my butt off to build my business, still doing it when I graduated four years later in 2020.

I also used my following and the help of my planner friends to jumpstart my new and second business with my love for scrunchies. It made it so much easier as I had so many friends to help me out. One year later, I have grown that business so well too and now selling a variation of products from scrunchies, scrunchie watch bands, custom boba cups (boba lover as well), and candles. 

I am just a 22 year old who loves all things planner related, boba, scrunchies and candle making. The best part? Everything is made with love from Hawai'i. 



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